Ways to Look Your Best in Plus-Size Clothing

Are you plus 12 or greater? If you are, there’s a possibility that you may have faced some challenges finding the best plus-size clothing. But there are styling tricks that you can use to make you look like the best version of yourself in style.

Everyone can flaunt their curves. It’s just a matter of finding the right clothing that makes you look leaner and slimmer. It’s all about making you look leaner; not frumpy. Here are ways you can look your best in any clothing from this day forward!

Focus Up And Not On The Sides

What you’d want to achieve is to have a curvier look and pull the attention vertically and not horizontally. Compared with smaller frames, plus-sizes have a bigger space to work on. It’s important that you pick out accessories that are proportionate to your body frame.

Don’t be tempted to work on oversized clothing and layers. It may seem to cover up your size but it might make you look lumpy instead.

Proper fitting pants will also cut down the frumpiness and scale down your shape.

When working with prints, it’s safer to go for vertical designs or asymmetrical going to the center.

Right Clothes For Your Body Shape

Plus-size is not a category in itself. Some women are short, some are tall. Some are full-figured and some have square shoulders. Each is unique and strategically blocking and magnifying some key points is what you’ll need to do to contour your body shape.

Well, shapewear in a plus size is one of the most valuable staples you need in your wardrobe. You can cover multiple areas with a shapewear. Since you want to cover up the lumps, a comfortable and appropriate fitting one will immensely smoothen out all the lumps and get you a curvier look.

Apple body shapes have more bulk on the waist, giving that round appearance. If you have this body shape, your tummy, chest area and back are some of the key places you’d like to cover up. To divert attention from your midsection, you need to look for clothing that elongates your torso. Finding scooped necklines to give it an illusion that you have a longer upper body. For the bottom, go for A-line styles, skirts and dresses with hemlines up to the knees.

Pear body shapes usually have bulk on the lower section of the body. With fuller hips, bulkier thighs and bigger buttocks, you need to work on a look that balances this out with the proportion of your body. Structured clothing using jackets with some padding and tops like ballet and square are some you can pull off to even out the weight. Your ultimate go-to look is a monochromatic jumpsuit with a fluid fabric with a belt around the waist.

Straight body shapes are usually proportionate on the upper and lower body parts but have little curves on the waistline. The clothing you’d like to wear with this shape is those that accentuate the waist area. V-neck tops and wrap tops are some of the staples you may want to place in your wardrobe. You can pair these with A-line skirts or high-waisted pants to create a curve along your waist.