Tips To Help Secure Clothes That Last a Long Time

Love it or hate it, we all need to shop for clothes from time to time. And as much as your opinion about the entire experience can vary, your primary aim is to come off with clothes that will hopefully last you a long time. Mind you though, super cheap clothes on bargain do not come with longevity. But, whilst you should set aside a little more budget to secure better quality, that is not the only factor that plays a role. You need to be armed with a few handy shopping tips that you can exercise out there. Try to remember these the next time you are out and about.

Know Your Label

Garments have labels, but they are not there for you to check the size only. Labels have a lot of information, including not just care tips for that piece of clothing, but also details about the fabric content. This is very important, and something everyone in our opinion, should know on some level. Natural materials such as wool, silk and linen have always been around, but synthetic materials have also taken a leading spot in the market. They all have different characteristics, so it is important to distinguish between them for what you want.

Feel It

Simply trying on the garment is not enough. Sure it might look good, but how is the material? Comfort yes is important, but what about durability? Really feel the material, run your hands through it and determine whether it feels smooth and soft or rough and cheap. An essential thing to note is that just because a fabric is heavy, it does not mean it is good. What you are looking for are tightly packed yarns, so more fibres in an area. The keyword here to bear in mind is ‘density’. Go on, you know you want to check now best silk shirts deals to put this to the test.

Use the Light

Whilst touching the material is always great, this alone is not enough for your final decision. You must also hold the material up to the light, so if you are in a dimly lit store, you want to go somewhere where you can see well. Inside the store of course! When you hold the material to light, you get to see it much better, magnified so to speak. You can see how well spun the yarns really are. If you are buying knits, stretch it a little in an unnoticeable area. Proper knits should bounce back. Others do not.

The Seams

You can always tell a good quality garment from another based on numerous things, but seams are a particularly important one. Take one of each to compare. What you are looking for are seams that have stitches close in space and are lying flat. You will notice this, as these garments do not appear to have as clean a cut as the well-tailored clothes are. It really is about skill, and quality significantly improves when these details are paid attention to.