How to start your own t-shirt printing business

T-shirts are casual and is used and worn everyday by everyone. They have been accepted universally by all genders throughout the past few years. They look great with jeans or even with chinos. T-shirts are also like a blank canvas for those who like to design t-shirts.


There are many caps, t-shirts and canvas printing Singapore companies that have now established, as this is a popular choice for business. It is easy to start this business as an online start up and you will not have to worry about the business kick starting off if you follow the below steps which help you to establish a successful t-shirt printing business.


The good news

The good news is that launching an online t-shirt printing business is easy. You can come up with the designs and print is on as quickly as possible and then upload a photo on to the website with the cost of the t-shirt.


The bad news

The bad news is that you will have a lot of hard work to do. You will have to keep up with the technology to ensure that you get your job done quickly and also that you monitor the profits and losses you make as you go along.



You will need to decide who you will be your customers. You need to do your market research and understand profiles of these clients. Then you should develop strategies that you can use on your target market, which will help you stay focus and cater to the market. There are many t-shirts that image, quotes, slogans and many other things. You will need to decide which type of material will be on the t-shirt and whom it will try and cater to.



You will need to decide on the designs, which will help your life be easier. The designs do not have to be complex however; you need to make sure that you audience will be attracted to it.



Ensure that the quality of your product is up to high standard. The print and quality of the print should be perfect. The t-shirt material chosen should be a fabric that does not get discolored or lose its quality after just one wash.


If your business picks up, then you might need to consider building a brand. You will need to ensure that the brand will set you apart form your competitors. Your presence in the industry should be known.


Bear these in mind and then you will be able to have a successful business.