Shopping For Makeup? Tips Every Makeup Addict Needs to Know

If there is one thing that can make a woman feel as perplexed as the question that boggled all of us, (that of the chicken and the egg), it is makeup. Over centuries, this practice has come a long, long way from days of when women used natural pigments in trees and plants to adorn their faces. Today, we have highly innovative options to be seen, and new ones being introduced regularly. Needless to say, it can be confusing for anyone. If you are looking to revamp your makeup collection or start a new one from scratch, you will need to arm yourself with these tips first.

Go For Known Brands

We do not mean super high end brands like Givenchy or Chanel for instance, though by all means, you can if you want to. What we mean is that you should go for a name that is known within the industry. This will help ensure its quality and reliability, so even if you purchase it online you know it is the real deal. Unknown brands may be a lot cheaper, but frankly, if you think about it, the repercussions are just not worth it, so it is better to spend a little extra. Especially seeing as how this is your face we are talking about.

Buy Accompanying Items

For instance, if you have a lipstick addiction, then invest in a lipstick holder that will be able to not just house but also display your pretty collection. In the same way, buy items that you will need to store your makeup, so you know they are safe and will not damage. Makeup is very prone to breaking and spilling and broken bottles if you are not careful, so keeping them all together in one place is the best idea. Again, no need to spend excessively, just something that does the job is fine.

Shop with A Friend

It can be far too overwhelming in a makeup store to walk out of there feeling sane, so why not ask a friend to come along with you? It would be fun since you can experiment with shades and make a day out of it. Else, you might feel too frustrated to get by; unless of course, you are a makeup professional yourself, in which case this would be your paradise. You can also bounce ideas off your friend, and see which looks suit you better.

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Sample First

If you are buying online especially, but also in-store, especially if you have sensitive skin. Request for samples, and you do not just get to test the product’s durability out for yourself in a realistic setting and whether it suits you, but also whether it has any adverse reactions on your skin. Different brands have different ingredients, so if you know you are vulnerable to a certain type, steer clear of it in your makeup products. Hence, reading the ingredient list is important as well, so you make a more informed decision. When it comes to makeup, you can never be thorough enough.