How to Look Your Best for a Masquerade Party

In the days of the old, masquerade balls were a big deal. Everyone would show up dressed up in their finest. Today, even though the dressing up part might remain the same, people have turned this very formal affair into a more leisurely one that is for entertainment. How exactly do you, therefore, get ready for a masquerade party? Here are some great ideas to help you look your best for the next masquerade party.

Dress Up

You have to figure out what kind of dress you wish to pair up with your mask. If your mask is a really fancy one, go for a dress that is not as much embellished. Besides the dress does not even have to be a very formal one. A balance between formal and casual should be just fine. If you are wearing a simple mask go for a dress that is a bit fancier. You also have the option of adding on some hair embellishments to help complete your look. You can check and even get some affordable yet high quality fascinators Australia online if you want that will help you spice up your look.

Now Get Your Mask

You can actually make your very own mas if you can get hold of some of the easy yet creative and beautiful patterns that are available online. Another really innovative thing to try out would be to actually draw the mask on your face with some great makeup. This will take away from the hassle of having to hold on to the mask all night or have those straps tied behind you head ruin your hair. Besides it will be something rather original too.

Finishing Up

To finish up pick accessories that will make your dress and your mask both stand out well. You have to really balance out the amount of bling you put on though unless you want to look like a masquerade disaster. The accessories will finish up the parts of the look that everyone can see at a glance even from afar.


It goes without saying that the shoes you choose have to be suitable for the dress that you wear. They need to be of a very neutral shade when it comes to colour as well. Nude, black and white are all great choices. In fact, it will also be a great investment because shoes of a neutral colour always can be used for multiple purposes. Heels are often the most common choice for ladies to wear at a masquerade party. However, if you want to dance away the night select a pair of wedges or even flats that look good as it will keep you more comfortable.