How To Pick The Right Shade Of White For Your Wedding Dress?

Every girl dreams of the day that they look beautiful in white and walk down the alley towards the love of their life.  While weddings are probably one of the most awaited moments of a girl’s life, the dress is probably the highlight of the day.

Did you ever think that picking the right shade of white would be an issue at any point? After all since when is there more than one white?

If you’ve been browsing through your wedding magazines, tv shows and websites, you are bound to know the amount of different shades of every colour that actually exists. Not all of them would be easily distinguishable, but some actually do stand out more than others.

If you are trying to find the right shade of white for your wedding dress, here are a few things to look out for.

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Think About Your Skin Tone

Any wedding dress designer should be aware of this concept. The white that you choose for your dress should blend in perfectly with your skin tone. While stark whites look beautiful on pale skin, a more off whitish colour may complement a darker skin better. Therefore, take some time to consult with your designer to come to terms with the perfect colour for your dress.

Availability Of Material Is Crucial

There are certain shades of white that are truly beautiful and attractive. However, their availability in the market is highly limited. It is important to remember that most wedding dresses have more than one texture of fabric involved. This is at least true with custom-made dresses. Therefore, you will have to be assured that you can find the right white whether it is silk, lace or cotton. More importantly, it is vital that you are be able to find enough material to complete your dress with additional material for possible adjustment.

It Needs To Blend In With The Rest Of The Wedding

Even though the bridal dress takes prominence at a wedding, it is important to not forget the rest of the elements in it. There will be the outfits for the groom, groomsmen, and the bridesmaids to consider. In addition, the decor and the venue’s ambience will also reflect a certain colour. The white that you choose should blend in well with all of these elements if the entire wedding is going to look flawless. While it is important for the bride to stand out, it can’t come to a point where she doesn’t fit in.

Make Sure It Shows Up In Photographs

There is no point in your spending months deciding on a particular colour, sourcing fabric for it and getting the dress made, if it isn’t going to show up realistically in photographs. Therefore, make it a point to check with a specialist in photography if the requirement will be made. Certain colours reflect with natural light and the flash differently and could give way to results that you least expected. Therefore, it is always best to be safe than sorry.