Do you have all the gear ready for birthday parties?

Birthdays are special occasions. Despite being small or big, anyone likes to celebrate their special day. Almost all parents celebrate their kids’ first birthdays; from thereon, exceptional milestones such as sixteenth, nineteenth and twenty first birthdays are generally celebrated. But that in no way means that no one can party for any other birthday. As a family member, colleague or friend, you also may get invitations from time to time for these parties and gatherings. Are you confident about your attire for these occasions?

Take the occasion in to account


Some birthdays may be kids’, while some maybe adults. Parents tend to adopt a theme for their children’s birthdays however mostly it will apply to other kids rather than adults. If you are a parent, you might want to dress suitable for a party as well as sensibly, as you will have to run behind the kids. Most adults face issues at events when kids are very young; unless you have a maid to take care of them, remember to put on a pair of jeans and a nice top rather than a fancy dress. But if it is an adult-only event with a theme you can stick to it and get creative with the outfits. Popular themes are luau or Hawaii, pirates, Hollywood and so on. Venue also must be considered as an outdoor event in a windy area for example might give you trouble with a “flowy” skirt.


How to manage cost


Buying a new dress or a whole outfit for every occasion can leave you broke. It is easier and much more cost effective to manage with what you already have. Perhaps a wealthy friend of yours decided to go all out on his or her 40th birthday and you got an invitation to a party with an Egyptian theme. It seems quite expensive to ensemble all accessories for a party outfit as such. However you can easily get a long dress of yours and buy a piece of fabric of similar colour and richer texture, to wrap around the body. A wide necklace, which can easily be found in an online store for a small price, arm warmers cut out from an old shiny blouse you had, headdress if you have one, sandals and you are ready to go. You can also try a toy of one of your kid’s toys as a staff or a scepter.



When you look for birthday party outfits, do not try them in big clothing stores; definitely not branded ones. These types of costumes are readily and easily available in blogshop Singapore. You can also get together an outfit by buying bits and pieces from several stores for lesser prices than buying the whole costume at once from one provider. Talk to your friends and family, some may have old parts left, such as crowns, tiaras, arm warmers etc.



Anyone wants to look their best at a party. But you don’t have to break your bank account doing it. So be prudent about how you source a party costume.